Onsite Massage Therapy


Blissful Beginnings

Our very own Innkeeper, Marnie Blackman, has been a Therapeutic Massage Therapist since 2010. With her initial clientele being her birth doula clients, she specialized in prenatal and postpartum massage modalities. Once her clients told their spouses and friends about her massages, the business blossomed to encompass a wide clientele: Sports, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic/Rehabilitative, Swedish/Relaxation, Prenatal/Postpartum. 


The Massage Space

Located conveniently onsite, the massage space is accessible to both Bed & Breakfast guests and outside clients. Situated just off the West Garden, the massage room has a private entrance off the lower deck, as well as through the Innkeepers Quarters. It is quiet, calming, and private, with a heated hydraulic table, comfortable linens, and gentle relaxing music.


What to Expect

With years of experience with a variety of client needs, Marnie will get to know what you are seeking. People get massage for a variety of reasons: relaxation, muscle spasms and tension, physical issues like scoliosis, surgery, pregnancy, etc., sports recovery, and much more. You will complete a health history, then be allowed to undress in privacy to your comfort level, and lay under the linens on the table. Marnie will rejoin you, and perform the massage to your specifications: light to deep, relaxation to invigoration. You will remain draped, with only the area getting worked on being exposed. Your comfort, privacy and relaxation are top priority.